The Guardian – Serbia scraps plans for Rio Tinto lithium mine after protests

Government revokes lithium mining licences after being accused of ignoring project’s potential for environmental harm

The Serbian government has revoked the lithium mining licences granted to the Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto after growing opposition to the company’s plans and souring relations with Australia after the deportation of Novak Djokovic.

Ana Brnabić, the Serbian prime minister, who faces a general election in early April, said all decisions and licences regarding Rio Tinto’s plans had been annulled because of environmental concerns.

The decision in effect pulls the plug on a potential $2.4bn (£1.8bn) investment by Rio Tinto in developing the country’s lithium resources, which could have made Serbia one of the world’s biggest producers of the highly sought-after metal used in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

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