Euro Lithium says it stopped exploration in western Serbia

After a second day of blockades in Euro Lithium said that it was stopping its geological exploration in western Serbia following protests and road blocks by local people joined by environmental activists.

Roads were blocked for an hour on Thursday over the geological research being done by the company on two plots of land in the Lukavac village outside the city of Valjevo. The local residents were joined by activists of the Ecological Uprising, Get out of Kolubara and Get out of Drina organizations. Activists of Start-Change and We Won’t Give Up Jadar organizations which have also been protesting against the exploration of alleged lithium deposits in western Serbia and the ensuing pollution of farm land, weren’t there, but supported the protest.

Activist Gordana Jelisavcevic told N1 that Euro Lithium has made some 50 bore holes in the area over the past 10 years, some of which have leaked, polluting land and wells and leaving local people with no water. She said that the local authorities have been informed of the latest geological exploration but have not reacted. She said that a well in Lukavac was polluted but that its owner was not aware of the problem and used the water for his household for several years and added that a road was quickly built over land where another bore hole leaked.

She said that Euro Lithium is planning to dig 500 bore holes to explore the Valjevo area for lithium.

A press release from the company said that the exploration was being discontinued to avoid any tense situation. “Considering the fact that we value the health and integrity of our employees and members of the local community and the fact that small organized groups came into contact with staff in the field and to avoid any, even the slightest unpleasant situation, we decided on April 28, 2022 to discontinue the exlporation,” the press release said.

It said that Euro Lithium Balkan d.o.o. based in Divce outside Valjevo started geological exploration on April 26 with a valid permit based on a project approved by the Ministry of Mining and Energy.

Serbian Mining and Energy Minister zorana Mihajlovic said earlier that environmental problems can’t be solved on the streets. “This ministry revoked three lithium exploration permits for the Euro Lithium company,” she said.

Source: N1 Belgrade

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