Who are we?

Marš sa Drine is a national and international network of activists, experts and local village farmers and landowners against the mining of lithium, borate and related minerals in Serbia. We started as a campaign against Rio Tinto’s mine in the Jadar Valley with the primary purpose to support the local opposition to the mine, Ne Damo Jadar.

Our mission

Our mission is to support locals working to protect their land against planned lithium and borate exploitation and against forced relocation that that entails. We work based on social, environmental, economic and legal aspects.


Bounded by mountains, surrounded by water and home to thousands of multigenerational, sustainable agriculturalists, the Jadar Valley is known as the most fertile land in Serbia. Instead of protecting it, the Government of Serbia, together with Rio Tinto, wants to destroy it, displace the people who live there and build a lithium - borate mine whose consequences on the environment of not just that area, but the whole of Serbia, would be catastrophic.


The project proposal is so unreliable that it is listed on Banktrack’s Dirty Deals database.



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Public Documents

In accordance with the standards of transparency prescribed by the Constitution of Serbia, we are making all documents that we use in our work rightfully available to the public.

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