US Ambassador Hill supports Rio Tinto in Serbia

NEWS Author:Beta 03.03.2023

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US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill said that Rio Tinto is not just an ordinary mining project because it will be tied to the modern economy and added that he is trying to cooperate on this issue with the Serbian Government.

I think it is important for people to understand that this is not just a mining project, a project in which something is extracted from the ground and exported. This project will be tied to the modern economy. The lithium extracted from the ground will be used for the production of batteries that will be installed in electric vehicles, Hill said in an interview with the Glas Sumadije portal.

He said he is trying to cooperate with the Serbian Government on this issue and that the US is trying to support Rio Tiinto that is partly, although not entirely, an American company.

I think it is very important that all those involved in this project respect the environment, that is the first rule, said Hill.

The Ambassador said effort should be made to point out to the citizens the need for this project to connect them with the green agenda, the green economy, because that is where they belong.

He assessed that this is a very complex issue that people living in this area should focus on, adding he believes everything will turn out fine if everyone works together and keeps in mind the needs of the future.

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