Jadar Declaration unites activists in global resistance against lithium mining

Representatives of nine organizations from Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Chile and Spain signed the Jadar Declaration on international solidarity in the struggle against lithium exploitation and in environmental protection. The document is a basis for mutual support, cooperation, exchanging information and help against the expansion of lithium ore mining and other kinds of extractivism brought by an unjust energy transition motivated by profit, the signatories stressed.

Environmentalist organizations EKO Društvena akcija and Marš sa Drine initiated the signing of the Jadar Declaration and the resulting international cooperation.

The document was signed by Serbian activists Zlatko Kokanović from Ne damo Jadar, Biljana Novaković from Marš sa Drine, Milica Damnjanović from Extinction Rebellion and Aleksandar Matković from EKO Društvena akcija, Portuguese environmentalists Cheila Rodrigues from Extinction Rebellion and Rafaela Aleixo from Fridays for the Future, Ramón Balcázar Morales from Observatorio Plurinacional de Salares Andinos from Chile, Alejandro Palamo Rey from Plataforma Salvemos la Montaña from Spain and Robin Sommer from German organization Sand im Getriebe.

International organization Environmental Justice Atlas, which maps environmental struggles worldwide, announced support for the declaration.

The document was signed in Gornje Nedeljice, a Serbian village known for the resistance of its inhabitants and protests against Rio Tinto’s lithium project. The activists said the other goal of the Jadar Declaration is to include the wider public and other organizations in an international network of solidarity to support every individual in exercising the universal human right to a healthy environment.

Read the full article at Balkan Green Energy News.

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