All the ways the State has failed us in Rio Tinto case / The lawsuit

Pursuant to Article 261 of the Criminal Procedure Code, we submit



1.     Rio Sava Exploration 

2.     SPL

3.     Brezjak Petrol 

4.     Grafo Loznica

5.     More N.N. legal representatives and people in charge (?)

Re: criminal act of Environmental Pollution / Failure in taking measures to protect the environment / Violation of the environment  (all of these contain references to ARTICLE numbers but I am guessing you don’t need those)


–       On January 25th, 2021 In Gornja Nedeljica – municipality of Loznica, near the river Jadar, on land plot no.101/2. At the location of the drainage canal to the river Jadar in case of flood is situated, the company acted contrary to the permits for conducting research works, by blocking and burying the canal for water drainage and flood defense with rubble and waste, and then placed a concrete pipe in it without the approval of the authorities, thus destroying the water management facility that serves primarily to protect against floods if the river Jadar floods and to prevent water from spilling into fields and households,

·       Here is a link to the video of that incident:

·       They did this in order to create a temporary road for their trucks to pass over. 

–       On January 25th, 2021. In Gornja Nedeljica – municipality of Loznica, near the river Jadar, on plot no.101/2. During research work, the company acted contrary to the permits for conducting research. The material that was taken out of the ground, for which there is reasonable suspicion to believe that it contains dangerous substances that would damage the environment, was left unsecured and spilled over the field/s. On that occasion, due to rain, the extracted material melted, spilled and polluted the surrounding fields and watercourse. 

–       During 2020 and January 2021, on several occasions in a manner contrary to that specified in the Law on Roads and Traffic Rules, they performed emergency transport of heavy vehicles, unaccompanied by police officers, by order of the first defendant (the company). This transport was undertaken  by a truck owned by the company “SPL” with several axles of weight over 20 tons, which were loaded with machines for exploration work weighing over 30 tons. They were driving through uncategorized roads of Gornja Nedeljica and Brezjak, and on which occasion they crossed the bridge in Gornja Nedeljica, over which the transport of heavy machinery was prohibited, and by that, they caused damage and destruction of uncategorized roads and the bridge. 

Here is a video to show you the footage of those trucks: 

–       During 2018.and 2019, on several occasions, the defendants organized a transport of wastewater and materials generated during the exploration works to the city landfill of the city of Loznica, in a manner contrary to the Law on Transport of Dangerous Goods, Environmental Law, with the help of the company “Brezjak Petrol” owned by Dragan Tomic from Brezjak and the company “Grafo Loznica”, owned by Nela Jovanovic from Loznica, contrary to the permits for exploration works, as evidenced by the recorded data on entering the city landfill, by which they endangered the safety and health of people and led to pollution of the environment to such an extent that its elimination requires a longer period and high expenses.

–       During 2019, in front of the local community of Brezjak, they unloaded a large amount of waste that is dangerous for the environment and contains parts of samples from the soil of different chemical composition. The mentioned material was later taken away from that place, after reports from the locals.

Note – for any questions about chemicals you can call Dr. Dragana Djordjevic, she will provide you with a ton of info from the science community, as well as info on hers and her colleagues independent sampling and analysis. She is on the contact list you have in the PDF. She’s also the scientist who was for the project until she went to an open seminar, asked questions, and realized the company had inadequate answers, with very dangerous working plans.

–       In the area of the local community of Gornja Nedeljica, on plot no.259, owned by Jelica Bozic, they carried out exploration works contrary to the permits for exploration works. During the work they failed to adequately close a drill site from which, on the day of filing this criminal charge, the wastewater, which contains dangerous substances, was still spilling, and which remained improperly unsealed while polluting the environment, including groundwater, wells and field, which was ascertained by the Institute of Public Health, dated 17.05.2013, in which the expert opinion states that the sample does not comply with the Regulations given in the test report, and recommends closing the well, which was not done. 

–       In 2021, they encouraged residents of Gornja Nedeljica, from whom they had previously bought land, forests and houses, to carry out illegal logging by pointing out that no license or permit or registration  is required for logging. They carried out illegal logging of a large number of trees and then sold these trees to the company “Jare prom” from Lipnicki Sor, causing damage to the environment and the locals who still live in Gornja Nedeljica. The company “Srbija Sume” (Serbia Forests) also acted on the above-mentioned event, stating numerous irregularities, documenting them and filing criminal charges against the perpetrators, but not against the instigators. 

–       The defendants committed these criminal acts as co-perpetrators, acting intentionally, aware that their act was prohibited.

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